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Wood Projects - Hardwood Check Presenters

It's got a pen holder! - Patent Pending

Early in 2015, my friends at Fielding's Wood Grill asked me if I could come up with a design for a new check presenter. The only guidance I was given was that they wanted something substantial and made of a hardwood. I know there are a lot of places that have unique check presenters, but they don't solve a few key issues, and I wanted to make that happen with this design.

The experience of working in the food service industry gives you a different view point on the whole restaurant experience. Those of you reading this that have it, understand what I'm talking about. Even as a patron, you take away something different form the experience than does a person who has never worked in the service industry, specifically food service.

This presenter is designed with the patron in mind first. As a patron, paying the bill is probably the least anticipated part of the experience. The server dropping off a plastic black bi-fold or a bill attached to a heavy card stock with a paper clip isn't really classy. This design both draws attention and provides functionality that benefits the patron.

For the patron, there is a clean hard surface to write on. There is a place for a pen with each presenter, so each person receiving a bill has a writing utensil. If more than one person has a bill, they stack nicely with the pens placed inside of the holder.

For the staff, these eliminate the need to carry around half a dozen pens, losing most of them as the shift progresses. They stack neatly, providing the ability to house them in a central location or locations. They are durable and weather well, giving a nice worn in look as the years of use go by. The logo can be branded right into the surface for additional marketing.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact me here.

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