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Custom Steel Tables

Steel Tables #1

This table set was a project that I had started and set aside at least five times over the course of three years. It started with the coffee table. My welding abilities weren't quite good enough the first attempt, so I set it aside, and then again at least a year later. After acquiring some better equipment and watching a few tutorials on YouTube, my skill level improved and eventually I picked these back up to finish.

Welding the tubes for the coffee table was a bit tricky, especially for a novice welder. The first few attempts resulted in a very warped leg. In part, the problem is that I made it out of 16ga. material. That thin stuff warps pretty easily. As I mentioned above, I did do some research. I came across Kevin Caron, a metal sculptor based out of Phoenix, AZ. This video of his was particularly helpful with this project.

After the bases were competed, I ordered crystal tops. Crystal, as I found out, is nothing more than iron free, or nearly iron free glass. Iron is typically added to glass to give it strength. Crystal, which has less or no iron is typically less durable and has alternative metals added. The down side to iron is that it gives the glass a green color. These tops have copper added to it instead, giving it a slight blue color.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact me here.

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