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Metal Projects - Steel Picture Frames

Custom steel picture frames

All Steel Frame for a hand made tile

In late 2010 I was visiting my good friends at Frame Craft, a well known and respected custom picture frame shop in The Woodlands, TX. We were discussing a series of frames from a company out of Boston that were made entirely out of steel. The cost of these frames made them difficult to sell, even in this high end gallery. After taking a look at the corner samples, I decided to give it a try.

It only took a couple evenings of experimenting before I completed three corner samples. The result was very pleasing, as everyone was impressed and decided to use my custom line of frames.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact me here.

Corner Samples

Here are several pictures of the corner samples I have created. These are now installed and used at Frame Craft.

Corner Sample #1 shot 1 Corner Sample #2 shot 1 Corner Sample #3 shot 1

The Feather Frame

A customer brought in this piece shortly after the frames were available and decided that a steel frame would look great. After thinking about it a little, the frame designer and customer asked me if I could incorporate a feathered pattern into the frame to compliment the piece.

Feather Frame #1 shot 1 Feather Frame #1 shot 2 Feather Frame #1 shot 3 Feather Frame #1 shot 4
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