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Sr. Software Engineer, a 19 Year Career

Matt Roszyk - Sr. PHP Developer - Back End Data Architect

For the last 19 years I have been actively researching and creating software for a wide range of applications both very small and very large. My goal is to continue creating refined, efficient, scalable, and maintainable solutions to the most challenging problems I come across.

I am currently contributing to the Open Source project BlazePHP, a very light weight framework designed for use in large distributed back end systems. This is a product from years of research, trial, and error.

Engineering solutions is not only my passion in the virtual world. I also enjoy working with my hands in a very real three dimensions, both in wood and metal.

Skill Set

Primary Languages

Database Servers

Secondary Languages



HTTP Servers

Search Engines

Revision Control



Strategic Funding Source Inc. August 2013 - Present

98% Telecommute

I am currently the lead data architect at a very successful financial firm based out of New York City. Together with my colleagues we are re-engineering the entire system that manages the day to day business from the ground up.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • General project management
  • Interfacing with external financial services such as Experian, DecisionLogic, and Yodlee
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Data mining
  • ETL interfaces for various data sets acquired by the business intelligence department.
  • Re-engineering the public facing customer and investor portal
  • Back end architecture design for data storage and retrieval
  • Benchmarking data storage techniques
  • Providing general technical council for the administrative team
  • Git repository administration
  • AWS EC2 configuration
  • Re-engineering the legacy code base to fit the modern security and distributed demand.

Logic Nation Inc. August 2012 - August 2013

98% Telecommute

I was the lead architect on a very large scale project that aimed to achieve a global foot hold in the way information is shared and discussed. The responsibility for designing a scalable architecture that can get the product to market as fast as possible was a wonderful challenge. Ranging from atomic to large scale relational data, the storage and retrieval solutions that I was charged with solving for proved enjoyable as well as challenging.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • General project management
  • Back end architecture design for data storage and retrieval
  • Benchmarking data storage techniques
  • Providing general technical council for the administrative team
  • Git repository administration
  • AWS EC2 configuration Inc. January 2011 - January 2012

90% Telecommute

The nature of the advertising business leads people to complex searches for both attributes of available ad space and the location. I created a very unique and very fast method of spacial searching combined with attribute filtering using a combination of relational and non-relational database systems.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • Design, test, and implement the underlying data structure to hold the complex data in a scalable and searchable way
  • Benchmarking various technologies to determine the best solution for some very unique and new challenges
  • Organization and project management
  • Server administration
  • Git repository administration using gitosis
  • Accounting solution research, design, and implementation SN LLC / (The Hive) September 2007 - January 2011

100% Telecommute

Originally I was hired to design and build the next generation platform for using PHP and MySQL. The high demand of 30,000 concurrent users was breaking the limits of the current platform. This project was brought to completion but economic reasons steered the company direction toward upgrading the existing platform. For the past year and a half I have been maintaining parts of that code base and upgrading several of the core components including billing and search.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • Worked directly with our Sr. MySQL database engineer to design, build, test, and benchmark the new search platform using a distributed method to reduce disc usage and gain performance.
  • Create, upgrade, and maintain cron scripts pertaining to billing, re-billing, and search data.
  • Benchmark various aspects of the code base to find performance bottlenecks and develop faster ways to solve these problems.
  • SQL benchmarking for new features to ensure a minimal impact on the site performance.
  • Designed with my esteemed colleague and built the new platform for managing two developers.

MySQL Inc. January 2006 - September 2007

100% Telecommute

Working mostly in PHP for the product support team I helped maintain and upgrade the internal project management and bug tracking software publicly known as Eventum. I shared the responsibility of system administration and database administration with my colleague.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • Maintenance and enhancements on the internal issue tracking tracking software Eventum used by the product support team.
  • Development of a scheduling calendar used by the product support team supporting world wide timezones, holiday pay, and overtime tracking.
  • Implementation of the Sphinx and mnoGoSearch search engines to incorporate many search repositories into one integrated search environment of the support knowledge base.
  • System administration of the load balanced Apache2 web servers.
  • Database administration supporting MySQL replication and backups.

Continental Airlines Inc. September 2004 - January 2006

60% Telecommute

I was hired to help lead the Open Source initiative aimed at saving the company money in a hard economic times following 9/11. Our focused technology was a LAMP environment using PHP. The goals were to create audit systems for food and beverage expenses and terminal transactions. This would allow us to find the source of the problems and cut costs once solved for.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • Configured the initial bank of Redhat Linux web servers to be use for development and testing purposes.
  • Installed and configured MySQL database servers with replication to automate load balancing and backups.
  • Designed and built visual interface to audit the terminal transaction logs.
  • Designed the food and beverage audit system.

Lexicon Genetics Inc. / Primal Genetics Inc. March 2001 - September 2003

0% Telecommute

Starting at Lexicon I was a team member of three specializing in data analysis and statistics development. I worked closely with lead scientists to create new and modify existing analysis software to meet their needs. I later assumed the role of Database Administrator. I took a promotion into Primal where I was the lead software engineer and database administrator having two developers working under my guidance.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • Defined business rules and software requirements for group development.
  • Created software & database architecture documentation.
  • Created coding standards for all company software.
  • Created a central authentication server using SOAP.
  • Created data collection interface for various machine output and manual human data entry of observation.
  • MySQL database administration.
  • Created 2D and 3D graphing software library using a 2D image tool kit, GD.
  • Created an automated system to anonymize text within an entire database for marketing of sensitive data.

Freelance January 1998 - March 2001

80% Telecommute

Freelance is more like it. I would say these are my developmental years as most of it was spent working side jobs for next to nothing or as a favor. The most significant project that I worked on during these years was for an industrial supplier in Buffalo NY. I created a commercial website using as the processor. Later on they started doing a lot of business with Ebay so I made a checkout system that worked with Ebay and also a way to automate the creation of ads from the site's database of tools and supplies.

Projects & responsibilities:

  • Created a complete e-commerce site that interfaced with Ebay and Yahoo auctions
  • Automating general office tasks using Perl
  • Created the packing and invoice system for the warehouse at
  • A boat load of late nights trying to figure out the next technology I could get my hands on.

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